motorcycle tyres delhi, bike riding accessories, pathpavers Tubes 32/42X622 PR40mm / Black A3 Protek Max Tube
bike riding accessories, motorcycling gear, pathpavers Tubes 32/42X622 STD 35mm / Black A3 Protek Max Tube

A3 Protek Max Tube

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Punctures caused by perforation or pinch shock (kerbs in the city or rocks when mountain biking...) are what every cyclist most dreads. 

Repairing or changing an inner tube is not always an easy matter. An inner tube has to be re-inflated regularly. 

  • Ultimate puncture resistance
  • Easy to fit
  • Excellent preservation of the pressure


  • ETRTO 32/42X622 PR40mm / 32/42x622 STD34mm
  • Valve:  Presta (French) and Schrader (Standard)
  • Valve Size: 40mm (Presta) or 35mm (Schrader)
  • Weight: 166-168g (approx.) 

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