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Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim

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Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim A402 (6063) Sunglass

The Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim a402 sunglasses are ideally suited to fit larger face sizes, and are designed to suit both men and ladies equally well. For a smaller fit, please refer to the Evil Eye Halfrim a403 sports sunglasses. The Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim is a sleek, desirable sports sunglasses model, and has been designed to provide a closely wrapped fit that hugs the face, making it excellent for a wide range of sporting pursuits.

One of the immediately apparent features are the attractively shaped supra lenses, which compliment the curvature of the Adidas frame. These Evil Eye Halfrim lenses however are not designed for their looks alone. The polycarbonate used in their manufacture is widely accepted as one of the best materials for sports use due to its ability to withstand impact.

Despite their strong curvature, the lenses have been manufactured to ensure excellent visual clarity (de-centering), and are also guaranteed to protect the eyes from 100% UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The key feature to the lenses however is their readily interchangeable nature, which merely requires a simple outward slide of the slim line clip that features the adidas logo, and a gentle pull on the lens. The process is merely reversed to fit alternate lenses. This is simplicity at its best, and enhances the flexibility of the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim a402 sunglasses for use in many different weather conditions.

The frame of the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim a402 sunglasses is made of a technical material called SPX that is designed with durability and flexibility in mind. The Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim L sunglass arms feature colour co-ordinated traction grips that match the triangular in-laid feature on the outer aspect of the arms, and prevent the frame slipping. The hinge points are fitted with the well respected tri-fit system that enables the wearer to adjust the angle at which the sunglasses sit to maximise comfort, and minimise eye fatigue caused by the sun's rays at different points during the day. In combination with this, the ability to adjust the level at which the nose bridge sits (double snap nose bridge) aids the customisation of the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim a402 sunglasses.

The flexibility of the Evil Eye Halfrim a402 sunglasses is further enhanced by the fact that it can accommodate an optical insert a731, which will meet a wide range of visual requirements. The extensive range of spare lenses that are also available make the Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim a402 a truly versatile sports sunglass model.

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