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AltRider DualControl Brake Enlarger for the Suzuki DR 650

AltRider DualControl Brake Enlarger for the Suzuki DR 650

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Suzuki’s DR650 has long been a favorite among serious off-road riders, as this traditional dual-sport motorcycle is lighter and more nimble in the technical terrain. What many adventure and dual-sport riders don’t realize, however, is the difference in foot position on the rear brake pedal when switching between seated and standing riding positions.

The average rider reacts to a hazard in 0.5-1.0 seconds, which at 60MPH equates to 25-50 feet of travel. If your foot is not correctly situated on the rear brake pedal, this reaction time and distance can be doubled. Improving the time needed to react to hazards and apply the rear brake can make all the difference, and that is exactly why AltRider developed the DualControl Brake System.

This patent pending two-part device addresses two problems: the often small size of the OEM rear brake lever, and the changing position of the rider’s right foot as they alternate between standing and sitting while riding. It starts with the Riser, an aluminum piece that adds 25.4mm of height to the rear brake lever. This allows the rider to maintain better foot positioning regardless or whether they are standing or sitting.

The second component of the DualControl Brake System is the Enlarger plate. This aluminum piece provides an expanded surface area for the rear brake lever. This makes it easier for riders to apply the rear brake, especially when in bumpy off-road terrain. The Enlarger plate features a stainless steel plate on the bottom to help protect from impact and scratches encountered on the trails. 

Both the Riser and Enlarger are available individually or together as a kit. The DualControl Brake System is offered in silver or black finishes, and replacement grip pins are included along with stainless steel mounting hardware. This item is compatible with 1996-current Suzuki DR650 models.

  • 100% designed and manufactured in the United States
  • Aluminum enlarger plate features stainless steel bottom plate and hardware for off-road protection
  • Aluminum riser offers 25.4mm height increase
  • Optional and replaceable pins included for enhanced grip
  • Available separately or as a kit
  • Black or silver finish
  • Compatible with 1996-current DR650 models
  • Patent pending design

Model No- D656-1-2501 (Silver),  D656-2-2501 (Black)

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