AltRider Voltage Regulator Guard for the Ducati Scrambler

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The Ducati Scrambler harkens back to a time before purpose-built off-road motorcycles ruled the trails, when few modifications differentiated these scramblers from their street-oriented counterparts. The modern Ducati Scrambler embodies this “stripped down but capable” philosophy, and the result is an approachable urban motorcycle that is equally enjoyable on a weekend logging road campout. Like the bikes that they are built for, AltRider parts are designed to blend form and function by protecting your machine and enhancing its appearance in the process.

The voltage regulator on the Ducati Scrambler uses the fins of the heat sink to diffuse heat, allowing it to continually regulate voltage to your electrical system. The regulator is mounted high up at the very front of the motorcycle, a location that is particularly vulnerable to road and trail debris. The AltRider Voltage Regulator Guard protects this critical component while maintaining optimal airflow.

Laser cut and formed from 3 mm aluminum, the AltRider Voltage Regulator Guard utilizes aluminum spacers that allow it to float over the top of the fins. This design, along with the louvered cutouts, help channel as much air as possible into the regulator. The louvered cutouts also provides better coverage and more rigidity than some guards with flat cutouts. Installation is simple with the included stainless steel hardware, and the guard is available in Silver or Black.

  • Laser cut and formed from 3 mm aluminum
  • Louvered cutouts help channel as much air as possible
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Available in Silver or Black
  • Compatible with Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

Model No- Silver (DS15-1-1103), Black (DS15-2-1103)