AGV AX-8 Dual Carbon

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AX-8 DUAL CARBON is the new touring top of the range of Agv helmets in terms of safety, comfort and lightness. Directly derived from AX-8 Dual Evo, AX-8 Dual Carbon consists of a Super Super Light shell with the latest layer in exposed 3k carbon, for increased performance and lightness. It's the perfect helmet for any conditions: the large visor, the opening chin air intake, the ventilation and the aerodynamics optimised using a simulation software, make it perfect and comfortable for road touring; the design with the adjustable peak design and the possibility of use with the mask, make this an helmet suitable for unpaved roads.

As a demonstration of its versatility, AX-8 Dual Carbon can be configured as follows:

  • SUPERMOTARD/TRAIL version with visor and peak
  • MOTOCROSS/ENDURO version without visor but for use with Motocross goggles
  • STREETFIGHTER/NAKED version with visor and no peak. The possibility of interchanging the chin air intake of AX-8 Carbon (and AX-8 Evo) with that of AX-8 Dual Carbon (and of AX-8 Dual Evo) further increases the customisation possibilities of the helmet.

Key Features

  • Easily Washed Thanks to Removable Inner Components and Plastic Upper Parts
  • Protective Shock-Absorbing System on the Chin Guard.
  • Ready for Use With Goggles.
  • The Aerodynamics was Tested in a Wind Tunnel.
  • The Chin Guard Air Vent can be Removed Without any Need for Tools and can be Replaced by a OFF-ROAD Grille.
  • The Chin Guard Air Vent Support is Internally Strengthened to Prevent the Intrusion of Materials.
  • The Visor can be Removed and The Helmet Used With an OFF-ROAD Mask.