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Barkbusters Handguard Mount for 22mm Handlebars

Barkbusters Handguard Mount for 22mm Handlebars

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UNIVERSAL Hardware Kit -Two Point Mount (Straight 22mm)

Product Description

Barkbusters brings you the universal Barkbusters Hand Guard kit for 22mm bars. This mount has been designed specifically for adventure bikes, and features a single aluminium back bone that is securely mounted at two ends – the bar ends and just inside the controls – providing you with all the protection you could ever need! The mounts can be used by themselves to offer purely physical protection, or they can be paired with any of the Barkbusters range of guards to add weather protection as well

Required Accessories

This product consists of mounts ONLY! The guard needs to be purchased separately. Filter for Barkbusters and see what guards are available.

Product Specifications 

Material : Aluminium


Straight 22mm (7/8") handlebar

Code: BHG-151-00-NP 


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