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Bikeratti Raven Lady Motorcycle Denim With D3O Armour

Bikeratti Raven Lady Motorcycle Denim With D3O Armour

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Bikeratti Raven Lady Motorcycle Denim with D3O Armour, Black

Raven Lady is enigmatic. No one gets enough of it. Too bad it is so elusive. UV resistant and black, it absorbs minimum heat but also radiates off the heat from the body, keeping you cool and calm. 12 ounces of denim makes it abrasion-resistant, durable, and yet breathable - ready for the hottest of the rides. Raven Lady lets you ride from dawn through dusk like noon never happened.

Bikeratti’s proprietary UV Rebound Technology keeps you and your garment sun safe. The denim is coated with a UV reflecting material that keeps the denim cool and fade-proof. The material also reflects around 50% of infrared radiation to keep you cool for longer. The black colour of the fabric facilitates rapid cooling additionally when you happen to get some shade.

Hey ladies, no squeezing yourself into the awkwardly fitting men’s riding denims now! Raven Lady is designed and tailored exclusively for female bodies. Ride with comfort, ride with dignity.


  • 12 Oz Denim with 97% Organic Cotton and 3% Lycra
  • Ribbed panel for maximum stretchability
  • Armour insert for knee protection
  • Armour insert for hip protection inside the denim
  • Ribbed panel for maximum stretchability
  • Bikeratti signature reflector for night time visibility
  • D3O LP1 Hip Protector
  • D3O LP1 Knee Protector
  • The Lady fit to ride comfort & ride with dignity.
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