BMC Air filter for Kawasaki Z900

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BMC Air filter for KAWASAKI Z900

Regenerable BMC Filter

The filter is made in 2 different versions:

  • Street: allowing a greater flow of 18.5% compared to paper filter.
  • Race: allowing a further increase of 15% of air flow than the version Street, available for a few bike.


  • In some cases it allows saving of gasoline.
  • Performance increase.
  • Regenerate the air filter also allows less air pollution, given that there are no waste materials.
  • Saving money ... the filter is regenerated.
  • This accessory is designed to replace the original drive. The kit comes with installation instructions, and in any case it can refer to the book "operation and maintenance".

Importance of the Air Filter

The air filter is a device whose purpose is to purify the air from the suspended solid particles, like powders and is used to "purify" the air entering the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines, avoiding contamination of the air/fuel mixture.

Italian quality for BMC Air Filters

BMC air filters consist of a structure formed in two layers of aluminum protected by an epoxy coating that contains the cotton filter material arranged on several layers. The extreme constructive care, and the use of first choice materials allow a minimum loss of load, that is the difference that is created between air to be filtered and filtered air.

Efficiency and Perfect Seal

The filtering cotton gauze is moistened with oil to collect and filter even the smallest impurities, this guarantees a higher filter performance and an optimal air quality for the engine of any motorcycle. The filter element is printed inside an external frame that allows a precise, easy and efficient installation with a perfect seal inside the motorcycle Air-box. The processing, from the design to the production of the air filter are entirely carried out in Italy by qualified Italian technicians.

Ecological and Economic

BMC air filters are made of natural and ecological fabric,the cotton, this allows a deep cleaning and a regeneration of the air filter, unlike the original ones in paper, at the end of the life cycle should be discarded and new repurchased. With the BMC KIT composed of detergent and oil, it is possible to clean and re-oil the filter bringing it to the original conditions. An operation that must be carried out every 15 / 20,000 km, avoiding the purchase of a new filter, thus also reducing waste for the environment.

BMC is active in the automotive, racing, aerospace, marine and industrial sectors which is why it operates strict tests on its products, BMC Air filters have a efficiency of 98.5% in filtering efficiency compared to the reference standard to international standards for filtration (ISO 5011).

Suitable for:

Kawasaki Z 900 17-