Clearwater Billie Brake Light

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Billie Brake Light -High Intensity LED Brake Light with license plate heat sink. Must be used with CANopener interface, water cooled BMW's ONLY.

Must be used with CANopener. 
Must have CANopener version 1.6 or higher.
Full feature list available only on CANopener version 1.82+.

Why is the CANopener required?

The Billie Brake Light is an "intelligent" brake light module that utilizes sensor data carried on the CAN bus. This allows the Billie to read how hard the bike is braking in order to react appropriately to any given situation.

If you already have a Clearwater CANopener light kit installed the installation of Billie is very easy. If not, you will need to purchase and install a CANopener. If down the road you decide to purchase a set of lights to go with your CANopener and Billie brake light then give us a call when you order and we will discount your kit as the CANopener is included in select kits. No need to pay for an extra CANopener you don't need.

New Billie Brake Light