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Clearwater Erica: E-25 Universal LED Light Kit

Clearwater Erica: E-25 Universal LED Light Kit

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World’s most advanced LED auxiliary light – brighter than any high beam, flood light pattern, fully dimmable, no added switches to your bike, and multiple mounting options.

  •  60 watts with 6,000+ lumens and only 5-amp power draw at max output per light.
  • 3.7” diameter housing – great for seeing into the shoulder and oncoming traffic
  • 6 LED optics with a flood beam pattern – brightly illuminating the shoulder and the road ahead
  • Fully dimmable using your WonderWheel
  • Ability to turn on/off using your Turn Signal Cancel

Variety of functions including*:

  • High Beam Mode – lights go full 100% with bike’s high beam
  • Horn Activation Mode – lights strobe when horn is activated
  • Hazard Flash Mode – lights strobe when hazards are on
  • Turn Signal Dimming Mode – lights dim when turn signals are activated and return to
  • Your bike is sure to be noticed during the day and will brightly illuminate the road ahead at night
  • Perfect for: long distance riding, winding back roads, off-road adventures and seeing what is on the sides of the road around you

*Flashing and strobing functions are not factory default and will need to be programmed to turn on – instructions on how to do so are in CANopener Manual.


  • 60 watts consumption each (on high).
  • 3.73" diameter.
  • 6000+ lumens each.
  • 17 ounces.
  • Fully dimmable.
  • Wiring harness included.
  • Super high power.
  • Custom tooled optics.
  • CNC machined.
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