Denali Fender Mount Kit For Denali DM / D2 Auxiliary LED Lights

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Product Description

Denali brings you the LED Fender Mount Kit, which allows you to mount the Denali DM, D2 or D1 lights onto your front fender or other exposed mounting bolts. Compatible with both M5 and M6 threaded mounting holes, this single axis adjustable kit is designed to eliminate the light pod hinge to create the most low profile mounting solution possible. Keep in mind however, that when using this particular mounting solution the lights are adjustable up/down, but are fixed left/right. If you want a completely adjustable/positionable solution check out our Off-Set Light Mount Kit.

NOTE : Lights not included!


Fender Mount
Designed for Denali DM / D2 LEDs

Required Accessories

Must be used with Denali DM / D2 LEDs