DIMOTIV CBR1000 Frame Slider

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1.Complete Frame Protection
The mounting base which is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy will break or deform when the impact is too strong during accidents, thus protect the frame and settings from serious damages.

2.Decrease Sliding Distance

When the bike slides in an accident, the patented rotatable guard has a chance of turning the sliding direction into a curve, with will decrease the sliding distance and lower the chance of a second crash.

3.O-ring secured
A flexible o-ring is added to the guard to prevent the guard from being stuck to the mounting base, or getting loose due to vehicle vibration.

4.High Quality Antirust Treatment
All screws are Dacrotized and antirust, which will maintain the stylish appearance and avoid any inconvenience during uninstalling.

5.TUV Certified (Germany)

DIMOTIV Fairing Guard Sliders are qualified by TUV, which is one of the strictest certificates in Europe. We have confidence that our product can decrease damage efficiently.

6.Prolonged Product Lifetime
All parts of DIMOTIV Fairing Guards can be bought and replaced individually, increasing the product lifetime and maintains the appearance.



  • CB1000R 2008-2016

Part No- DI-FGMK-HO-19-K