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Enduristan Tool Pack

Enduristan Tool Pack

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Product Description

Enduristan brings you the Tool Pack, and ideal companion for your adventure.

The tool pack unfolds into a large rectangular sheet, giving you a large mobile work space. The inner lining is in Enduristan’s signature red, making it easy to see all your tools as well as any parts or fasteners you might have placed on it.

It has 56 elastic loops for storing tools, as well as a zippered mesh pocket to carry smaller items that dont fit in the elastic loops and a simple open pocket as well. Once unfolded there are 2 large areas for placing parts, and 1 magnetised area for nuts and bolts.

The tool pack folds in on itself neatly, and has a secure velcro closure. It has a simple pull on the outside so you can grab a hold of it easily.


  • 56 elastic loops
  • 1 zippered pocket
  • 2 areas for parts, 1 magnetized area for fasteners
  • Secure velcro closure

Part No: TOKI-001

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