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GloveTacts V2 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads

GloveTacts V2 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads

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Glove Tacts V2 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads

GloveTacts V2 Smart Fingertip Touchscreen Pads will upgrade your gloves to be compatible with touchscreen devices. Simply place the sticker on the outside of your glove, and you're ready to connect! 

Each kit contains two small contacts designed for sport-cut gloves and two large contacts for heavier insulated gloves. One large contact can be cut to form two smaller contact pads. Once positioned on the glove, each contact pad can be easily trimmed with scissors for the perfect fit. The proprietary adhesive is tough enough to maintain existing glove care instructions (like hand- or even machine-washing) and does not require any special consideration. 

Updated with ConnecTec-3D technology, the revised "V2" version uses carbon microfibers embedded in the surface of the pad to mirror the skin's natural conductivity. This design is more sensitive and better performing than ever before and features an operating range of 4°-113°F degrees. GloveTacts V2 are not affected by water and humidity. Stay connected!


  • Works with all smart phones and tablets
  • Thin design comfortably adheres to most gloves
  • Designed to permanently stick to most glove materials such as leather, cloth, rubber, neoprene and cotton
  • Includes 2 small and 2 large contact pads
  • Easily trimmed-to-fit with scissors
  • Specially formulated adhesives cures in 24 hours
  • Provides conductivity in wet or dry, 4°-113°F degrees
  • Gloves remain washable (if applicable) after fitting GloveTacts 
  • Made in USA
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