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Hepco Becker

Hepco Becker Journey Top case 48L Silver

Hepco Becker Journey Top case 48L Silver

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Journey Top case 50 Silver by Hepco Becker

Colour: Silver

Like all Hepco Becker Products these are 100% German Made using High Quality ABS Plastic and with 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty on all purchases

  • Hepco Becker Base:- They slide on to the Hepco & Becker tube racks or Aluracks/Easy racks
  • Universal Plate Base: Comes with a Universal Base Plate
  • Helmets: Upto two depending on the size
  • Waterproof boxes
See more on Journey series by Hepco Becker here including details of backrest, inner bags and rails available for this series
  • 48 Ltr.
  • B x H x T: 58 x 33 x 44 cm

Part Number:

  • Hepco Becker fitment:- 610086 00 09
  • Universal Plate includes universal base plate:- 610087 00 09

Brand:- Hepco & Becker Germany

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