iON Headstrap/Goggle Mount Pack

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iON Headstrap/Goggle Mount Pack

Capture every bit of your adventure with the iON Mount Pack. This device gives you access to all the photo opportunities in any activity while providing hands-free convenience. Whether you're climbing a mountain, camping at the lake, going boarding and cycling or simply attending an event, this head strap mount will ensure that no moment is missed. This accessory lets you mount an iON camera on your head, around the outside of your helmet or directly to your goggle strap. It basically makes the camera accessible while you are on the move. This iON mount pack weighs only 1 gram. 

iON Headstrap/Goggle Mount Pack: 

  • Goggle and head mount included
  • Head strap mount is compatible with the iON camera
  • iOn camera mount shipping weight: 0.44lbs
  • Get access to all photo ops while providing hands-free convenience
  • Mount on your head, around the outside of your helmet or on your goggle strap
  • Use the attached camera while you are on the go
  • Goggle strap mount comes in black to match with any outfit