ISON 171b Oil Filter for Harley

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ISON 171 Performance Oil Filter:

Filters are an essential component to ensure proper long-term operation of your engine. ISON is the perfect alternative for motorcycle filters on the market covering over 98% of all motorcycles on the European market. ISON filters match and even exceed OEM specifications. With many years of experience in OE automotive and heavy duty machinery, we co-developed a fully new motorcycle filter range. In a comparison test, ISON filters scored best in longivity and filter efficiency, compared to its main competitors.

Features -

  • Engineered to your vehicle specs and normal oil change requirements.
  • Rugged internal construction.
  • Proven, highly efficient filtration performance under normal driving conditions.
  • Anti-drainback valve protects against dry starts.
  • Ideal for most conventional and high mileage oils.