KOGO trip tracker

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While most of us travel, some of us do not bother about taking photographs of our journeys, and they remain only memories etched in to our minds. However, there is a device that is possibly the smartest storyteller that can help us create, and share our trips.

This device is called KOGO. KOGO basically is made of two things - a KOGO bot, and an intelligent piece of software. The bot has a built in GPS tracker that records with pin point accuracy one's whereabouts, and the software helps put the whole thing together.

The KOGO bot is as small as an off-the-shelf GPS device, and requires to be charged only once every then days. The devices can be mounted on to a motorcycle, a car's dashboard, or can be just tucked away inside a backpack.

While the bot tracks routes in real time, the software is what makes the KOGO magic come alive. Once a user types in a destination (over the KOGO smartphone application), the software automatically creates a trip title, a trip description, and as one travels, the software creates hashtags, records where you stop, and syncs photographs with the trip.

KOGO is also smart enough to add social posts about events a rider/ driver misses along the way. For example, if a user was to ride/ drive past India Bike Week and chose not to stop, KOGO automatically creates content and posts it. Content could be something like ‘Just passed IBW; did not have time to stop. KOGO also grabs a license free photograph of the event.

How It Works?

Once the device is switched on, and ‘start trip' is pressed over the KOGO smartphone application, the SIM card on the inside of the device tracks all GPS data, environmental data, and geographical coordinates (even if there is no available network). The devices stores up to three weeks of data.

The bot and the software then work together to create unique stories, trip titles, trip descriptions, and syncs user taken photographs. The stories are then posted on the KOGO smartphone application for followers to see.