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Kuryakyn wanderbar mounting

Kuryakyn wanderbar mounting

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Kit includes a variety of articulating mounts, brackets and clamps to accommodate a wide range of motorcycle handlebar styles. Kits also include an optional 12V power wiring harness and connector to provide constant power charging when the speaker is mounted on a vehicle. The super trick and secure quick-detach cam-lock mounts let you get the WanderBar™ on or off the vehicle in seconds without tools!


Includes clamps for 7/8", 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" handlebars or tubing

Durable nylon cam-lock attachment and clamps provide durable and secure rattle-free mounting


Included optional 12V power wiring harness connects to vehicle battery for constant charging

WanderBar™ Portable Soundbars can also be used on vehicles without the included power wiring harness (see P/N 2721 or 2724 for more info on WanderBar™ lithium rechargeable battery life)

Part No: 8302

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