Liqui Moly HD Synth 20W50 (4ltr)

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Motorbike HD Synth 20W-50 Street

Fully synthetic motor oil tailored for use in air and water-cooled four-stroke motorbike engines, especially suitable for Harley Davidsons. Selected base oils and high-quality additive components ensure optimum lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness and excellent friction in all operating conditions.

article number: 3817
bundle: 4 l Canister plastic
palette content: 180
packing unit: 4 Stk
language: BOOKLET

Intended use

For a large number of Harley Davidson V-twin engines which specify a synthetic motor oil of 20W-50 viscosity. Exceptionally well-suited for use with or without a wet clutch.

Specifications and approvals