LSL Kawasaki Ninja 300 13-17 Front Frame Slider Kit

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LSL Kawasaki Ninja 300 13-17 Frame Slider Kit

The new Crash Pads are designed to better absorb and dissipate impacts. The plastic insert deforms on impact thereby improving protection. Its arched shape acts like a skid to guide the direction of a slide. By better absorbing the energy of a crash the new impact pads also reduce potential damage to the brackets and fasteners. This means that after a low-speed crash only the plastic insert may need replacing. As before the shell is machined from billet aluminum. The new rounded shape prevents the slider from hooking into the track or road surface. The fastening system matches all existing brackets making for an easy upgrade.

Features and Benefits:

  • Note: This kit includes the mounting kit and the crash pads. Please select the color/style of crash pad using the drop down menu to the right.
  • LSL's "Crash Pads" are CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum.
  • Manufactured in Germany, LSL Crash Pads are more than just protection for your expensive bodywork and case covers.
  • They are engineered to prevent the bike from spinning with the shape of their replaceable poly inserts.
  • The silver, black and titanium crash pads are anodized, while the red and blue crash pads are transparent powder coated.
  • All finishes provide a durable weather resistant coating that is as good looking as it is tough.
  • LSL's "Crash Pad" mounting kits are CNC machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum.
  • These mount kits are developed for the specific needs of each model.