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Maxima FFT Foam Filter Treatment Oil

Maxima FFT Foam Filter Treatment Oil

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  • Maxima FFT is a synthetic polymer formulation that flows 4-12% more air and retains up to 8% more contaminates than all other brands

    • Resists both water and gasoline "fogging" wash out
    • Will not migrate off the filter, or dry out
    • Special solvent will not adversely effect either the foam element or the cement utilized to bond them together
    • 16 ounce bottle

    Usage: Utilizing a new or thoroughly clean filter element, pour a liberal amount of FFT on a clean, dry, filter. Work into foam until all surfaces are wet and color is uniform. Squeeze out excess and let air dry for 15 minutes. Ready for installation. See FFT container for more detailed application and cleaning instructions.Will not degrade foam material or dry out

Part No : 60901

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