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Metzeler Lasertec

Classic Design

Classic tread pattern design
Classic tread pattern design ensuring effective water dispersal for safe wet riding, wear regularity and long-lasting mileage.

Peace of mind riding, independent of weather conditions for an extended riding pleasure. Outstanding performance combined with an aesthetically pleasing pattern design.

All weather grip

Upgraded compound structure

The high silica content of the compound results in outstanding grip in all weather conditions for maximised safety.

Both in the wet and in the dry, grip is a key feature enhancing overall performance even on the newest sporty bikes.

Higher trajectory precision and breaking stability improve riding enjoyment and safety margins.


Polyester fibre carcass

Carcass design developed for typical “sport-touring” use with a lighter, more resistant polyester fiber improving handling characteristics, stability at all speeds and comfort.

Enhanced riding ease thanks to a higher feedback and solid contact-feeling when cornering.


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