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Metzeler Sportec Street

Metzeler Sportec Street

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Metzeler Sportec Street Two-Wheeler Tyres

Metzeler is a German tyre company founded in 1863. The company is based in Milan, Italy. The German tyre maker was acquired by Pirelli in 1986. In India, Metzelers are offered as standard rubber on the KTM series of motorcycles. The Metzeler product range includes tyres that are suited for a wide variety of uses like racing, sport touring, off-roading and for street use.

The Metzeler Sportec Street is a road-focused tyre that boasts of long life and overall grip. It’s the latest addition to the Sportec family of sporty tyres designed for spirited riding on tarmac. The Sportec Street has been derived from the X-Ply series of on-road tyres and is aimed at use on light and middle-weight motorcycles. 

The Compound

Metzeler uses several highly advanced construction methods to ensure that the Sportec series of tyres offer a superb mix of life and steering feedback. The Sportec has a compound that’s considered medium-hard. This compound is created by mixing the right proportion of carbon black and silica. 

Tyre Construction

The Sportec is meant for street use and has excellent drainage properties. The tyres are rounded off  and this helps in achieving good lean angles. Again, we must keep in mind that the Sportec is intended for small-to-mid-size bikes, which means it is light, yet sturdy. Sportec Street gets its strength from a 2-ply nylon carcass. The result? Better dampening and higher puncture resistance.

Tyre Performance

According to tyre testers, the tyres don’t need too much of getting used to, since the Sportec Street tyres reach operating temperatures quickly. They cool down equally fast, reducing the risk of a blowout on a spirited ride. The feedback, especially from the front tyres, is quite a lot, and this increases straight-line confidence. The same overload of feedback goes a long way in increasing rider confidence in the corners. Expert riders recommend running the front-tyres a few psi above the OEM spec if you don’t like the nose-dive effect during braking. In the rain, the tyres shine, because the grooves are spot-on when it comes to diverting water away from the centre-line. 

Tyre Sizes

Currently, Sportec Street is available in three front tyre sizes and one rear tyre size. The front sizes are – 100/80-R17, 110/70-R17 and 120/70-R17. The sole rear tyre is a 150/60-R17. All the tyres are tubeless and only come with alloy-rim fitment. Spoke-rim compatibility isn’t offered. Puncture resistance is a strong reason why most small and mid-size motorcycle riders should go for Metzeler’s Sportec Street.

Tyre Prices

Metzelers are generally priced higher than similar products from MRF, Apollo, CEAT and other Indian brands. All sizes of Sportec Streets are 17-inch and their prices vary between INR 2,961 and INR 4,699 per unit. The cheapest is the 110/70-17 54H Front tyre (INR 2,961), while the costliest is the 150/60-17 66H rear tyre (INR 4,699) – both are tubeless.

Tyre Fuel Efficiency

If you’re upgrading from a 130/70-17 stock tyre to a 150/60-17 Metzeler Sportec Street, the increased contact patch of the Metzeler will harm fuel consumption. But, if it’s a manufacturer-recommended size, you shouldn’t be worried. Contrary to sportier tyres, Sportec Street has a harder compound mix that wears out less compared to a softer one. The frictional losses are lower, which means you might end up getting a higher per-litre range. Since the tyres inspire confidence, you may also see a drop-in fuel efficiency because your average speed will increase.

Tyre Warranty

Most Metzeler/Pirelli tyres are covered by a standard 4-year warranty, which is probably how long the tyres will last. Still, you shouldn’t be worried because Metzeler tyres generally don’t see too many manufacturing defects.

Tyre Speed Rating

The Metzeler Sportec Street is available with several different speed ratings. Let’s consider the H and V ratings. The H rated tyres include – 110/70-17 54 H, 100/80-17 52 H and 150/60-17 66 H. The first couple are front tyres and the larger 150-section one is for rear-use only. The H rating here means that these tyres are good for 210kph. The fourth tyre, the 120/70-17 58 S, is also a front tyre and can be operated at speeds of up to 240kph. 

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