Muc-Off Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt 2 In 1

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Muc-Off Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt 2 In 1 

Muc-Off is a well proven Motorcycle cleaning brand, guaranteed to make life easier regardless of what the weather conditions or time of year throws at your bike!

The 'Microfibre Wash Mitt' from Muc-Off is a 2 in 1 mitt, specially designed to provide the ultimate finish! The amazing split fibre technology dramatically increases the surface area of the mitt, while the microfibre technology disintegrates dirt into minuscule particles and keeps them away from the bikes delicate finishes during cleaning. For more stubborn marks such as bugs or tar the flip side of the mitt has a microfibre waffle design; experience this amazing material make bug muc disappear with amazing ease!


  • Bug removing Technology - Experience our incredible bug removing Microfibre Waffle. Watch bugs disappear as they become trapped, leaving your screen, headlights and bodywork bug free.
  • Chenille Technology - Our microfibres disintegrate dirt into miniscule particles.
  • Ultra fine microfibre - Premium quality, super soft microfibre has been designed to clean delicate finishes.