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Olio Trofeo Oil Filter 553

Olio Trofeo Oil Filter 553

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Trofeo oil filter 

Constructed by following the most demanding standards imposed by vehicle manufacturers, thanks to its filtering system, the Trofeo oil filter guarantees the maintenance of lubricant performance even after thousands of km.

  • Trofeo oil filters are available for the most varied road, scooter, motocross, Enduro, ATV models.

Trofeo GP “racing” oil filter 

Developed according to very high specifications, to overcome the needs of modern competition engines and extreme driving conditions, Trofeo GP oil filters offer the following advantages:

  • 17 mm hex nut that facilitates assembly and disassembly;
  • Hole that allows the fixing of the cables for use in the race;
  • Special silicone membrane that ensures an excellent seal even at high temperatures;

Suitable for:

Benelli TNT 300/650

Benelli Trk

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