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OneDesign Tank Grip For Kawasaki Z900 (2017-21)

OneDesign Tank Grip For Kawasaki Z900 (2017-21)

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HDR TECHNOLOGY is an innovative side protection (rubber-style) with an appropriately sized hexagonal design, it has been studied in dimensions and spaces to provide 'Grip' of the legs, both in extreme sport situations and in everyday use without creating however, inconvenience to the motorcyclist and above all, without ruining the aesthetics of the bike.

Side protections for:

  • Model: KAWASAKI Z 900
  • Year: from 2017 to 2021
  • Colour: Black
  • Logo: ONEDESIGN - 1D

Inside the package there is a specific wipe to degrease the surface.

Before applying, read the package leaflet carefully.

Part no: HDR263 (Black) / HDR264 ( Transparent )

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