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Prism Scam-01 Camera

Model No- SCA-M01

Bluetooth audio and video recording

The Sena Prism isn’t just an action sports camera. It’s the wireless recording hub of your ADV motorcycling obsession. With 1080p FHD video recording with 5 MP still shot image capture and a variety of other video modes (1080p:30fps, 720p:30/60fps, 480p:up to 120fps) and photo modes (shot, time-lapse, and burst) it’s the only tool you’ll ever need to properly tell the story of how your mud-caked morning was washed clean by an unplanned river crossing in the afternoon…on your way to that majestic vista now framed on your office wall. And don’t worry if you get a little wet—the Prism is water resistant right out of the box and the waterproof housing keeps the Prism safe up to 40 meters of depth.

Every thrill & spill

The Sena Prism pairs with virtually any Bluetooth device, but the main one you’ll want to use it with will be your Bluetooth 4.0-enabled helmet communication system. Now you’re a fully mic’d up one-man, adventure movie-makin’ crew, integrating Ultra HD Voice Recording™ through your built-in or Bluetooth®-connected mic—all on-the-fly, no additional video/audio editing needed. Attacking the terrain with your buddies? The Prism also mixes in real-time audio feeds captured from their in-helmet Bluetooth mics, creating an instantly shareable multi-track audio masterpiece that truly preserves the raw emotion and excitement of the ride from everyone’s perspective.

Versatile Camera Mounting System

The Prism’s QRM™ (Quick Release Mount) System can be installed and removed quickly and efficiently on all types motorcycles and motorcycle gear. The system comes with an extensive variety of mounting hardware, including a motorcycle-specific fog lamp base, helmet clamp base, windshield base, and many other bases.

Any Bluetooth headset can work

With Sena’s Bluetooth® remote control, voice prompts and command features, or any Sena Bluetooth headsets with a built-in Jog Dial, you can start, stop, communicate, and share every second of your adventure. The Prism’s sleep-mode feature can be activated and de-activated to extend battery life and maximize memory usage, so you can record longer. You can also use the Prism while charging and the firmware is upgradeable—so as Bluetooth tech advances, your Prism gear keeps pace, extending the life and value of your purchase. Although any Bluetooth capable device can control the Prism, get full functionality with Sena Bluetooth devices.