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Puig R19 Frame Sliders for Honda CB300R Neo Sports Cafe

Puig R19 Frame Sliders for Honda CB300R Neo Sports Cafe

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Data sheet

Color: Black
Homologation: Yes
Width: 85mm
Brand: Puig
Height: 59mm

More info

There's nothing worse than falling off your motorbike and finding out that some of the pieces have been scraped. With the R19 frame sliders you'll be able to avoid that your motorbike suffers considerable damage when falling down. The R19 model is the upgraded version of the R12 model. This one has a more careful design and more details. In addition, the end has a larger width, which increases the friction zone and protection against falls.

  • It has been designed for it not to stand out regarding the handlebar neither contacts the ground prior to the footrest. Therefore you can be sure that it won't neither add any width to your bike nor touch the road when going on a tour.
  • Ends are sold in many colours. They're bought separately.
  • Measures are manufactured to avoid breaking the engine, the chassis and the fairings when having endured a fall.
  • Nylon spare ends are sold.
  • The nylon ends' measures are: 85mm width and 59mm height.

Part No : 9757N

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