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ROX 2" Risers for BMW R1200GS\GSA - R1250GS\GSA

ROX 2" Risers for BMW R1200GS\GSA - R1250GS\GSA

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Part No: 1R-P13R-2125


New Rox 2 inch pivoting risers for the new R1200GS Liquid Cooled bikes that come with the larger diameter 1 1/4 inch handlebars. These risers will NOT work on the older R1200GS’. The risers come with caps to replace your OEM clamping caps. Click on the thumbnails to the side for more info. We had to use our own caps to clamp the risers because the OEM caps are too tall. We wanted to make sure all stock cables and brake lines could be used with these risers. Making this riser a 2 inch rise and supplying our own replacement caps was the best way to do that. Anodized Clear. Always check and confirm that your vehicle has adequate cable and brake line length before installing any handlebar risers.

  • Fits 2013 and newer models, including 2017 Rallye
  • Most installations require the control cables to be moved to the outside of the fork tubes for best fitment
  • Each fork tube can be lowered by hand by loosening the single top nut (under plastic cap)
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