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Rox Risers for Kawasaki Z800/Z900 ERGONOMICS

Rox Risers for Kawasaki Z800/Z900 ERGONOMICS

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2" Pivoting Bar Risers for 7/8" OR 1 1/8" Handlebar

Rox Pivoting Handlebar Risers with 51 mm Rise . Finish is Anodized Aluminium :

Might need cable rerouting!! We have no experience with this installation yet!

Product Description

Rox Speed FX brings you the Rox Pivot-able Risers. These risers are a big upgrade from your standard risers as they are pivot-able, meaning that not only do they raise the height of the bar, but they can also be moved forwards or backwards to suit each individual rider perfectly. They are especially useful for standing up when trail riding. They slot right in to the existing bar mounts and require no additional modifications. Some motorcycles might require longer cables to accommodate them, please refer to the compatibility notes for more on this. 

Tech Specs:-

  1. 51mm height increase
  2. Pivot-able
  3. 7/8th Inch Bars


  • Rox Risers, USA 

Part No- 1R-P2SE

               1R-P2SEK (Black)

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