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Rukka Outlast Overall Bodyset

Rukka Outlast Overall Bodyset

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Outlast Overall Bodyset by Rukka.

Outlast Temperature Regulation stores and releases body heat. It works to keep the wearer's temperature not too hot. not too cold. but just right, over a broad range of environments and activity levels. When your activity level or the outside temperature increase, the Outlast thermocules that contain the phase change paraffin begin to change from a solid to a liquid which provides you with a comfortable sensation of thermal equilibrium. The energy required to activate this process comes from your warm body or the rising ambient temperature. When you begin to cool down, Outlast thermocules begin to change back from a liquid to solid. In this phase change, the energy that was absorbed by the thermocules while you were active is returned to you. With the new moisturetransfering material Outlast functions in active use too.


  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Medium


  • Expertly manufactured from the highest grade materials
  • Made with maximum safety and reliability in mind
  • Will look good for many years of use

Rukka® develops, manufactures and markets technical and functional garments made from high-quality materials for leisure activities. The company produces collections for different sports: motorcycling garments, golf garments, jogging suits and tracksuits, rainwear, downhill outfits, sailing outfits, and in addition sport accessories for different purposes.

Part No: 70473-779-770

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