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Shido Lithium Motorcycle Battery - LT12B-BS LION

Shido Lithium Motorcycle Battery - LT12B-BS LION

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The Shido lithium motorcycle batteries are a direct replacement for your OEM battery. Using the latest lithium-ion technology, Shido has managed to develop an ultra-lightweight battery. Swapping your old lead or gel battery for light weight lithium will save weight without breaking the bank. Aside from the weight advantages, the Shido lithium batteries provide high cold cranking amp and a fast, strong start. The built-in LED indicator allows you to test the charge level of the battery.


  • Ultra Light up 80% weight saving
  • Lithium iron phosphate and graphite construction
  • Built-in LED indicator to test battery
  • Quick charge, charges up to 75% in just 6 minutes.
  • Same shape and size as OEM battery so simple to fit
  • Terminals are always the same shape and orientation as OEM.
  • More powerful motorcycle starts reliably and faster
  • Long service life approximately 2000 charge cycles
  • Mount in any orientation will mount sideways or even upside down
  • 3-year warranty
Weight: 1.1kg
Capacity: 4.8Ah
Cold Cranking Amps: 290A
Length: 150mm
Width: 69mm
Height: 130mm
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