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SHIDO LTZ8V Lithium Iron Phosphate Motorcycle Battery

SHIDO LTZ8V Lithium Iron Phosphate Motorcycle Battery

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Take advantage of the latest in battery technology.

Shido LTZ8V Lithium-ion Batteries have an unrivalled cranking capacity which can be up to 70% higher than a lead-acid battery. No maintenance required as they are completely sealed and they are very safe due to being leakproof and waterproof. There is an enormous weight saving of up to 70% against regular lead-acid batteries. Super fast charging time due to low internal resistance allowing more amps to be absorbed more quickly, also no sulfating, superior cycle life and very low self discharge.

Advantages of SHIDO Lithium-ion batteries:

  • Higher starting power, due to its low internal resistance the battery can provide more rapid start capability, resulting in a faster and easier start.
  • Approximately 70% lighter in weight.
  • Longer service life with more than 1200 full charge and discharge cycles.
  • Built in LED indicator to test battery
  • Same shape and size as OEM battery so simple to fit
  • No capacity loss over its lifetime. Lead-acid batteries lose capacity over time and can possibly sulfate.
  • Super fast charging time. The battery can absorb more quickly charging Amperes due to its low internal resistance.
  • Safe, LiFePO4 cannot explode or burn.
  • No maintenance required.
  • No Pollution, Kinder To The Environment.
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