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AUX LED Dimmer Controller Kit - Skene Designs


What does this do?

It allows you to dim your lights using a toggle /on off switch! 

How many levels - Upto four levels which you could set as per your need! Usually high beam is default as 100% and 10%, 20% and 50% are three other levels. You could change them as per your wish! 

  • The IQ-275 Intelligent Lighting Controllers from Skene Design allow you to quickly and conveniently set the brightness of your auxiliary lights to match riding conditions.
  • Often auxiliary lights are too bright or have too wide a lighting pattern to operate at full power during the day or under certain road conditions.
  • With Skene Design's innovative intelligent lighting controllers you can pre-program several different brightness settings and with the flick of a switch immediately select the desired brightness.


The IQ-275-Alert Programmable Dimmer adds the capability to initiate a brief flashing sequence to the IQ-275 features.

The unique ALERT! feature on the IQ-275-A enables you to initiate a brief, highly conspicuous flashing sequence when you really need to be noticed by traffic ahead.

Just tap your high beam switch twice within one second, and the controller rapidly modulates the brightness of the lamps attached to the controller. No matter what brightness you have the lamps set to, even if they're off, they will immediately flash at maximum brightness in a very conspicuous sequence. The sequence takes less than two seconds, but will greatly improve your likelihood of being seen.

Normal application of the high beam or a single tap will not trigger the ALERT! sequence, so it has no effect on your usual riding style.

Brand:- Skene Designs

Part No- SK IQ-275