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SW-Motech Header Pipe Protection – 32-50mm

SW-Motech Header Pipe Protection – 32-50mm

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Product Description

SW Motech brings you header pipe protectors. These are designed to protect against stones and debris, complementing other protectors like engine guard or skid plate. At the same time the robust steel protector will serve as a heat shield. The flexible plates are available in two variants for universal mounting, covering tube diameters of 32-50 or 50-70 mm, and can easily be fitted to the exhaust pipe contour. This way you – depending on the number of headers and header diameter – can tailor a header pipe protection package for almost any bike

NOTE – you’ll need one per header pipe, so order your quantity accordingly


Protects against stones & debris

Product Specifications 

Material : Stainless Steel
Dia : 32-50mm
Length : 300mm

What’s in the box?

Motorcycle exhaust header protector for pipe diameters of 32-50 mm
Mounting material
Mounting instructions

Compatibility Warning

Meant for header pipe diameter of 32-50mm only!

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