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Wurth Plastic and Rubber Care

Wurth Plastic and Rubber Care

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Protects, maintains surface of plastic and rubber components
  • Protects, maintains, lubricates & insulates plastic, rubber & metal components can also be used as mould release agent.
These instructions are only recommendations, which are based on our experience, preliminary testing advised before use.
Application area

Suitable For:

  • Imparts a high-gloss finish to plastic components (e.g. roofs etc.) & prevents enbrittlement.
  • Rubber components (e.g. door & bonnet or hood seals, rubber buffers, side molding, water hoses, tires, etc.) are maintained, do not become brittle, do not freeze up and do not stick fast.
  • Impregnates folding roofs and covers.
  • Has antistatic properties and thus does not attract dust.
  • Protects electric contacts against damp.
  • Eliminates annoying rattles and squeaks, particularly where different materials rub (e.g. metal / plastic) servesas fitting aid, e.g. for those connections.
  • Spray on clean surfaces from a distance of 20-30 cm and smooth out with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Cleaning and care of plastic parts, care product for door seals, especially in winter.
  • Lubrication of plastic rails.
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