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WUNDERLICH Sidestand Enlargement Lower for BMW F850GS/GSA

WUNDERLICH Sidestand Enlargement Lower for BMW F850GS/GSA

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BMW F850GS & 850GSA Ergonomics - Side Stand Enlargement (Lowered Version) :

The additional safeguard for the factory-lowered F 850 or F 750 GS: Especially when fully loaded or on an unsecured surface, the F 850/750 GS can easily drop on the side stand. The precision milled extension plate quickly screws onto the side stand and frees the GS of this danger.

The facts:

  • High machine stability on all surfaces
  • Over 100% larger contact area
  • Eight mm thick Dural aluminium
  • Oxidation-proof black anodised
  • Rustproofing for original contact area
  • Milled groove for original contact equipped with foam rubber to dampen vibrations
  • CNC-milled
  • Easy fitting
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