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X-shine Deluxe Combo (Orange)

X-shine Deluxe Combo (Orange)

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Modern smartphones are the go-to capture devices, but with low-light limitations. They bundled three of their best to take your spontaneous filming to a new level. Vague subjects in a sea of darkness will never spook your films again. And to reach above crowds or capture yourself and friends, they did like to introduce you to their iconic U-Shot too. Your party, concert or nighttime films will be more illuminating than ever before.

XSories XShine Deluxe Combo Features

  • U-Shot: 1/4" universal screw
  • U-Shot: Aluminum ball-head with thumb screw
  • U-Shot: Anodized finish
  • U-Shot: EVA grip
  • Xshine: 36-LED array
  • Xshine: Powerful 180 lux brightness
  • Xshine: Multiple hotshoe mount slots. Add more light to your scenes
  • Xshine: 1/4" universal screw thread
  • Pholder 2.0: Silicone grip pads
  • Pholder 2.0: Anodized aluminum body
  • Pholder 2.0: 1/4" universal screw thread
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