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Our Brand

We, Pathpavers, are a Pan-India distributor of Michelin Motorcycles and Bicycle tyres. We are the sole distributors for Michelin Tyres in India.

Starting from January 2016, we deal with many premium brands of motorcycle tyres, accessories, motorcycle gear such Pirelli, Metzeler, Michelin , Avon, Klim, AGV, Dainese, Alpinestars, Bikeratti, KLIM GEAR ,Schuberth, Leatt, wunderlich, Oxford, Putoline, Airoh, Puig, Evotech performance, GIVI, ALTRIDER, RUKKA, TCX, SENA, Hepco & Becker, SW Motech, EBC, DNA air filters , BMC air filters , K&N air filter, D3O armors and so on

 We deal with a huge variety of genuine products, and offer ounces of option to choose from

All our products are genuine, and we always strive to offer best quality of products and service

 Apart from this online store, we have a physical store in Delhi dealing with the same products

Superbikes and more

What is a Superbike?

A superbike is a kind motorcycle with a more powerful engine and gives a highly tuned performance. These bikes are perfect for racers and best not to be used for every day purpose. Their cubic capacity (aka cc) is usually more than 1000.

Superbike vs Motorcycle

Superbike as mentioned above is a category of motorcycle. They have highly powered engines that make them move swiftly. They are the best fit for racing, and long rides around.

Motorcycles have various categories and as mentioned above, Superbike is a part of it. Some people get confused between the two terms. There are various segments, and styles to choose from them. The style is implicit in the riding speed, purpose of the motorcycle, and the outer appearance. Every bike serves a different purpose, and every kind does not suit everyone.

Who should opt for Superbikes?

There are various segments of superbikes and you need to evaluate which one suits your purpose the most and opt for it. Firstly, superbikes do cost a lot of money. Secondly, needless to say, you need to keep a check on it now and then and may have to shell out more in case of repairs and other miscellaneous reasons. In case you wish to buy it from the second-hand market, examine how it has been treated by its previous owner and its present condition carefully and then choose whether to buy the same or not.

Accessories needed for superbikes

We’re more than just a superbike tyres store. Here’s a list of useful accessories that can prove to be useful for riders:

·        Spray Gun

A spray Gun can prove to be useful for pumping water on the areas of the bike where the water pipe cannot reach and give a proper cleanse. They can also come off to be very handy, easy to use and can be used without facing much of a hassle. They also have a good shelf life.

·        Disc-brake Lock

A Disc brake lock helps in securing your vehicle from getting stolen. They are portable and easily accessible. Especially in our country where thieving is prevalent, these will be helpful.

·        Trip Hand Grips

Hand grips accessorize your bike/ motorcycle as well as prevents you from feeling the vibration in the handle while riding the bike. This is for you if you are someone who wants to get rid of vibration and at the same time want to add style to your vehicle.

·        Mobile Phone Holder with Charger

A Mobile GPS Holder helps in reading GPS effectively while you ride. It is a must buy for all bikers.

·        Chain Lube and Cleaner

A Chain Lube can increase your riding quality and elevates the shelf life of your chain sprockets.

·        Air Suspension Seat

Travelling on bad roads can make it hard for a rider to sit, and that is when the air suspension seat will prove to be helpful.

·        Gear Shift Pad

In the long run, the gear can damage your shoes, and ask yourself how long can you keep switching to a new pair of shoes. The reason is they do not have adequate rubber protection. A gear pad may have to be worn every time you go for a ride.

·        Helmet Lock

It is a huge hassle to carry your helmets everywhere, Is it not? Having to constantly look for a place to leave your helmets can be quite a task. A helmet lock ensures the safety of your helmet and protects it from getting stolen.

·        Tank Bag

A tank bag can help in storing things and make it easy for things to be carried around. It can be useful to carry your essentials around safe and sound.

·        Throttle Hand Rest

A Throttle Hand Rest is a simple accessory used for resting your hand. It can offer comfort to your hands while going on long bike rides to escape fatigue.

·        Rain and Dust Cover for Backpack

A backpack which is rain and dustproof is a must buy. In case a situation comes where you are travelling to your office- obviously carrying valuables such as laptop, cellphone or any other electronic, imagine the situation you would be in without having a proper protection for them. Owning and carrying a waterproof backpack is a safety precaution too for the above reasons and makes things free from any hassle.


Riding Gear

What does a Riding Gear mean?

Riding Gear means the outfit worn by motorcyclists. It is common knowledge that helmets play a huge part for riders. But not everyone is aware that there is more to add up- for both style as well as precaution. Whether you’re a Ducati enthusiast or a BMW aficionado, we've got accessories for everyone.Here is a list of things that make-up a Riding Gear.

A riding gear consists of:


 Motorcycle Helmet

 Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Riding Pants

 Motorcycle Riding Boots

Hydration Backpacks

 Knee Braces

 Bluetooth Communication Devices

Hydration Backpacks

Riding Jersey


Goggles and so on

All about Riding Gear

The riding gear as mentioned above are essential to a motorcyclist. Let us take a deep-dive into the topic to get to know more about them 

        Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcyclist helmets are more commonly known, but still ignored among the people around. It is a very essential part of the riding gear. It mainly focuses on protecting the head from accidents. Some people prefer not to wear helmets for the reasons listed below:

 Feeling of Suffocation


 Fear of messing their hair

 Inability to see ahead clearly

Unsurprisingly, their deliberate choice

As a human, we always regret our choices and think over them after they make a bad impact on us, wishing we could go back to a particular time to change things. It is better to end up with messy hair after a ride than messing our head or losing it completely. It is always better to spend more money on essentials, than to lose the most things in life- and it obviously is our own lives.

Make sure you check out our AGV helmets and Icon helmets collection.

    Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves make an essential part of riding gear. They can offer you protection while riding your bike. Our hands are used to do everything we want to get done. Imagine yourself without your hands. When you are going for a ride and fall down, the first part of your body that touches the ground tends to be your hand. In that case, they may get scratched, bruised or even broken. To offer immense protection from these, the motorcycle gloves are made. They are composed of thick leather, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar usually. Some people may be skeptical when it comes to wearing these for reasons such as price, sweaty hands, and just because they do not want to. Some opt for fingerless gloves. They may seem stylish and make a person look cool, but will not offer any protection to the fingers.

   Motorcycle Jackets

It is important to keep in mind that motorcycle jackets do not mean the jackets bikers wear to just look cool. It refers to the rider’s jackets that frame the riding gear and offer protection to the areas such as waist, elbows, arms where there will be a special padding or an armor to offer protection when there is an accident. The jacket will also allow adjustment in those areas to reduce the chances of bruising. Some jackets have mesh on them, so it will be easier for the air to pass through and the wearer will not get irritated due to the sweat as in our country, a lot of places are hot and humid.

Riding Pants

Riding pants are similar to riding jackets and have mesh and armor around the kneecap area to offer. They may also be made of leather. In case you fall down, the armor or the leather will back you up, and the padding will offer comfort and prevent bruises. They also prevent the tearing of pants as it is common to get our pants and clothes torn when we fall down or experience accidents. The pants offer a good grip near the hamstrings so the riders do not slide off the bike and fall.

 Riding Boots

Riding boots are quite rejected. They are not made only to look fancy. They give protection to your toes, ankle and shin. They are made to protect you from the roads, hot pipes, rocks, and the heavy bike itself. Toe sliders help you from getting harmed when you lean your foot on to the ground. They can be replaced now and then. They offer comfort to the toes even after going for *long rides.


 Hydration Backpacks

A Hydration Backpack should have its place as an essential item in the riding gear. It stores and holds water in huge volumes and you are saved from the troubles of having to look for water around. It contains a mouth cap and a hose for filling and drinking water without having to go through any trouble. Some hoses come with a bite valve, and when one bites on it, it opens and therefore prevents dust from entering it. Also, some of these packs are insulated- meaning it does not let any heat or cold touch and spread through the water.

 Knee Braces

Knee Braces are often given any importance. They can be uncomfortable to wear, but usually anything that is good does not make you feel good. They help you protect shin while you fall down. They feel hard when worn, but as stated help in prevention of serious injuries to your knees. Accidents and injuries are common for every rider. With practice one can overcome and prevent them. But unforeseen circumstances do occur and you will be thankful to yourself for investing your money on these sometime.


Some essential items that make up riding gear such as goggles, Balaclava, Riding Jersey, etc. are given lesser importance. Adding these to your attire makes your ride more secure. Motorcycle goggles act as a strong guardian against dust, water and sunlight. When any particle enters your eyes, they hinder your sight. They are fog resistant and can give you a clearer vision.

 Balaclava- also known as ski masks are not only worn in cold weather conditions. They are also called Balaclava Helmets and are worn by motorcyclists under the helmet. These have a good part in riding gear. It helps in maintaining your personal hygiene especially if you are going to share your helmet with others. The helmet when worn will carry our sweat, dirt, and other substances that can affect another user when they wear it. Wearing a balaclava can prevent all these from seeping into the inside of the helmet. Balaclavas can keep you warm in cold weather especially in a mountain area, when you are going on a long ride, the temperature may drop and you will feel the cold hit you. Also, in helmets there is a padding and is prone to tearing. You can replace them if they tear but they may not be very cheap to afford, but wearing the mask helps provide proper protection from tearing.

Riding Jersey is worn to offer comfort while riding. The benefit derived entirely varies from product to product. These usually are soft clothing that helps your skin breathe- especially if you are to travel in hot/ humid weather, the last thing you would want is your skin to burn and feel the weather to get you in the middle of nowhere. Some of them even act as armor and shield your body from any damage.


Who are we and why choose us?

 We, Pathpavers, are the Pan-India distributor of Michelin Motorcycles tyres and Bicycle tyres. We are the sole distributors for Michelin Tyres in India and Nepal

Starting from January 2016, we deal with many premium brands of motorcycle tyres, accessories, motorcycle gear such Pirelli, Metzeler, Harley Davidson, Timsun, Avon, Klim, AGV, Dainese, Thor, Zeus, Alpinestars, Bikeratti,   and so on

 We deal with a huge variety of genuine products, and offer ounces of option to choose from

All our products are genuine, and we always strive to offer best quality of products and service

 Apart from this online store, we have a physical store in Delhi dealing with the same products

Pathpavers today is one of the most prominent superbike store in Delhi

We have been selling on various other online platforms such as and for the past five years.