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Clearwater Sevina combo : S-51 / S-70

Clearwater Sevina combo : S-51 / S-70

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Sevina (BMW R1250GSAW "water-cooled") LED Lights

World’s most advanced LED auxiliary light – brighter than any high beam, super spot beam pattern, fully dimmable, no added switches to your bike, and multiple mounting options.

  • 70 watts with 7,500+ lumens and only 6-amp power draw at max output per light.
  • 4.7” diameter housing – great for seeing into the shoulder and oncoming traffic
  • 7 LED optics with a super spot beam pattern – brightly illuminating the distance and road ahead
  • Fully dimmable using your WonderWheel
  • Ability to turn on/off using your Turn Signal Cancel

Variety of functions including*:

  • High Beam Mode – lights go full 100% with bike’s high beam
  • Horn Activation Mode – lights strobe when horn is activated
  • Hazard Flash Mode – lights strobe when hazards are on
  • Turn Signal Dimming Mode – lights dim when turn signals are activated and return to

Your bike is sure to be noticed during the day and will brightly illuminate the road far ahead at night

Perfect for: long distance riding, commuting, seeing in the distance and off-road adventures.

*Flashing and strobing functions are not factory default and will need to be programmed to turn on – instructions on how to do so are in CANopener Manual.


  • 70 watts consumption each (on high).
  • 4.7" diameter.
  • 7500+ lumens each.
  • 26 ounces.
  • Fully dimmable.
  • Includes wiring harness.
  • Custom tooled optics.
  • CNC machined.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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