Cyclops LED Headlight Bulb H4 10.0 (1PC)

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Cyclops LED Headlight Bulb H4 10.0 (Single Piece)

By far the best LED headlight bulb cyclops has ever offered.     
  • All new metal construction for bases and collars.
  • Better thermal efficiency.
  • Better beam pattern differential between high and low beams. 
  • This bulb uses 4 cree emitters capable of more than 2500 lumens each. The brightest Cyclops H4 bulb.
  • 5600k temperature.
  • 38 watts.
  • Screw on connectors at driver.
  • Standard H4 connector.
  • High / low beams.
Ultra vs Standard Variant
  • On the Ultra on High (All Four LED Light up) whereas on the Standard only 2 LED fire at a time

    Some bikes may have a sensor to power draw or it may have a canbus. Always check with your service centre if LED aftermarket bulbs fit. 

    Brand - Cyclops Adventure, USA

    Part No. - CIL LED-10.0 H4