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Barracks Wiring Adapter for BMW R1200/1250GS/GSA

Barracks Wiring Adapter for BMW R1200/1250GS/GSA

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Suitable for:

  • BMW F750GS
  • BMW F850GS/GSA
  • BMW F900 R/XR
  • BMW R1200/1250GS
  • BMW R1200/1250GSA
  • BMW S1000R/RR
  • BMW R18
  • BMW 1250RT

Fitment Note: This adapter is NOT compatible with the BMW G310GS or G310R

Use the BARRACKS wiring adapter for connecting SoundBomb horns to the OEM BMW harness for a true plug & play connection. No wire tapping or other modifications to the original harness are necessary, just plug directly into the factory connector to send triggered power from your motorcycle.

This handy little adapter is all you need when connecting a SoundBomb Mini to your BMW!

When wiring the SoundBomb Compact or SoundBomb Split Horn, this Wiring Adapter is used in conjunction with the SoundBomb Horn Wiring Harness. The adapter sends the signal from the factory horn harness to the SoundBomb Wiring Harness, enabling the SoundBomb Horn to function from the factory horn button.


  • Enables true plug & play connection 
  • Plugs directly into OEM BMW horn connector
  • No need to modify factory wiring
  • No other wiring needed for SoundBomb Mini
  • Functions as trigger for SoundBomb Horn Wiring Harness
  • Simple & easy to install
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