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Denali D4 v2.0 TriOptic™ Auxiliary LED Lights - Light Only (Pair)

Denali D4 v2.0 TriOptic™ Auxiliary LED Lights - Light Only (Pair)

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The Denali D4 2.0 TriOptic™ LED light kit with DataDim technology is among the most powerful auxiliary lights on the market, thanks to a stingingly strong quartet of LEDs that help you identify trouble as far as 800ft down the road yet still shines brightly to the edges of the road and beyond. Four 10-watt CREE XPL HI LEDs produce a piercing beam of light yet combine to use just 6.6 amps for both lamps.

New with the Denali 2.0 generation is the industry-leading TriOptic™ lens system. Right out of the box, the D4 is fitted with True-Hybrid™ lenses, providing a combination of spot and flood patterns in each lamp. This configuration gives you 170m of forward light and 43m of visibility to the side. That’s almost 180m to read a road sign and 43m to see wildlife lurking among the bushes. Also in the box are lenses that convert all four LEDs in each lamp to a spot pattern, resulting in a tight, distance-focused beam brilliant out to 240m while still retaining a 33m beam width. Want a third option? Fit one of each lens to your D4 pair to get a Spot-Hybrid configuration that offers 190m of maximum distance with a 43m beam width. There are also amber lens kits available as an optional add-on! The spot lenses are E-Marked to be road legal in countries where this is a requirement.

The Denali D4 housing is only 100mm square and 66mm deep, and uses cast-in cooling fins to effectively dissipate heat and maximize light output. A durable black powder coated finish and a special Impact PC™ corrosion proof bezel ensures your lights will continue to look great even after repeated stone and debris impacts. Because of its size, the D4 is recommended for use with sturdy crash bars or other engine-protection devices, or with Denali’s expanding line of bike-specific mounts.

Denali’s previous quad-LED D4 has proven its worth to sport-touring and adventure riders the world over. Now, the next-generation Denali 2.0 D4 is here to take motorcycle illumination to an entirely new level.



240m throw
Hybrid, pure spot or pure flood beams
Total load 80W, 6.6 amp

Part No: DNL.D4.050.2

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