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desert fox

Desert fox Xtreme Fuel Cell - 20ltrs

Desert fox Xtreme Fuel Cell - 20ltrs

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Product Description

The Desert Fox Xtreme 20L Collapsible Fuel Cell is ideal for SSV, 4×4 & motorcycle back up vehicles.

Designed as a robust 300mm x 300mm x 300mm cube, it has a minimal footprint for it’s 20L capacity, saving valuable space. When not required simply collapse it to under half its size. It’s strong enough to handle the worst conditions and flexible enough to be stored away. It’s an cost effective and lightweight (0.9 kg when empty) alternative to expensive additional hard tanks or cumbersome jerry cans.

Ideal for emergency fuel as it can be stored in a boot or strapped to roof racks via its integrated 8 steel D-rings (4 front and 4 back) & it’s Daisy chains. The D-Rings and Daisy chains are suitable for use with ROK Straps and other tie downs such as Bungee cords. The fuel cell comes with a 250mm length fuel spout that stores inside a dust-proof integrated pouch. It’s 4 handles (2 Front and 2 back) simplifies fuel pouring. The fuel cell is padded all round and the base as integrated shape maintainer.


  • 20L Fuel Cell
  • D-Rings & daisy chains for effective securing

Part No: MCVAR1013

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