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Evotech Performance Spindle Bobbins Kit For BMW R 1300 GS (2024+)

Evotech Performance Spindle Bobbins Kit For BMW R 1300 GS (2024+)

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Features of EP Spindle Bobbins Kit for the BMW R 1300 GS Triple Black (2024+)

  • Double-sided front wheel protection with rear wheel nearside protection
  • Discreet black injection-moulded nylon bobbins with aluminium support
  • Front protection fitted using a rolled-thread stainless steel spindle rod
  • Front replacement hollow spindle bolt with required fastenings included
  • Rear cassette-style mounting includes an O-ring to prevent water ingress to the wheel hub
  • Innovated and created from engineering grade materials by Evotech Performance


What is Spindle Bobbin Crash Protection?

Evotech Performance have developed EP Spindle Bobbins to guard the front fork lowers, brake calipers and rear cardan drive shaft. Mounting neatly through the front wheel of the BMW R 1300 GS Triple Black (2024+), the front protection is fitted via a supplied stainless steel spindle with rolled threads and a replacement hollow spindle bolt and all fasteners included. At the rear wheel, the innovative drive shaft protection is simple to install: grease, insert and tighten. The wheel’s offside is completed by a precision machined and coated aluminium hub stop. The nylon bobbins all hold an aluminium core to offer hard-wearing protection, reducing costly damage to your motorcycle should the unfortunate occur.

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