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HJC RPHA-11 cheek pads ( S )

HJC RPHA-11 cheek pads ( S )

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There are 2 reasons why you would want to replace the cheek pads in your helmet:

  1. Through wear and tear, the cheek pads become thinner, causing them to lose their resilience. If these pads have become too thin, your helmet will loosen up, with all the uncomfortable consequences this entails. With a new set of cheek pads you can go on the road again safely and comfortably.
  2. If you can't find the perfect fit when buying your new helmet, you can optimize the fit of your cheeks by adding thinner or thicker cheek pads.

These cheek pads only fit the HJC RPHA-11 helmets. The table below shows you what sizes cheek pads fit what helmet

Part No : 8804269909393 

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