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Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit

Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit

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Headlight Restoration Kit

With the QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit you can effectively do something: when sun, dirt, acid rain and salt cause plastic headlight lenses to turn yellow, cloudy and even prevent proper function. This cloudiness drastically reduces the brightness of the headlights. The kit consists of a polish and sealer that quickly and permanently restores clear, bright headlights luminosity.

Any restriction of the driver`s ability to see and to be seen is a risk to all road users. 

Product details:

  • Removes yellowing, matt spots and slight scratches
  • Simple, fast and effective application in two steps
  • Restores perfect luminosity to the headlights increasing driving safety (ability to see and to be seen)
  • Provides a long-lasting protective layer (with an additional UV protector against yellowing)
  • Improves the appearance and therefore maintains the value of the vehicle
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Professional quality results 
  • Let's get started: The all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: Plastic polish, sealer, 4 professional polishing cloths, 2000, 3000 and 5000 grade sandpapers and 1 sanding block
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