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Wurth Engine Flush & Cleaner (250ML)

Wurth Engine Flush & Cleaner (250ML)

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Wurth Engine Flush & Cleaner extremely efficient cleansing fluid for cleansing the engine inside from troublesome deposits. dissolves shortly & dependable.

For all mineral and synthetic based engine oils. Before changing the oil, ensure that the oil level is within the normal operating range and the engine is warm. Add the contents of one bottle of engine flush to the oil and run the engine for 10 minutes. Immediately change the oil and the oil filter.

Specifications Detail
  • Brand - Wuerth
  • Contents - 250 ML
  • Smell/Fragrance - Hydrocarbon
  • Chemical Basis - Hydrocarbons
  • Self Life from Production - 36 Month
  • Density - 0.75 g/cm³
  • Density Conditions At - 25°C
  • Minimum Flashing Point - 60 °C
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